Our Vision Statements

Our Principal Consultant Master Francis has been practicing Feng Shui since 1991. For over 15 years of studies, research and practicing under guidance from various masters in Singapore and Taiwan, Master Francis has decided to offer his services to even more people, on May 2006 Xuan Yi Geomancy was born.

Xuan Yi Geomancy apply classical Feng Shui but adapted for modern day living. His services are base on truly honesty and confidentiality, thus making Xuan Yi Geomancy a popular choice for Corporate, small business as well as normal folk like you and me.

Our Vision
To establish Xuan Yi Geomancy to be a worldwide recognized Fengshui Consultancy.

Our Mission
To apply the art of fengshui to create harmonious living environment and also to improve the general well being of people, and to achieve their goals.

Our ‘ACE’ Values
Accuracy – To provide accurate fengshui consultation and assist clients in finding harmony and balance for a better standard of living in all aspects of life.

Customer Focus – We focus in our client’s need and to accomplish the goal.

Excellency – Our commitment and professional services are our main force to pursuit of excellence.

Master Francis Tan

Master Francis, Fengshui consultant, practitioner, has acquired immense experience in practicing Fengshui. Highly regarded as an expert in problem solving, he has a unique ability to focus in on his client’s needs.

He has won Dr. Tay Eng Soon Scholarship in year 1995 and graduated from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) with a Diploma of Mechatronic Engineering in year 1998. Since his secondary school days, he has a strong interest in Fengshui. He later learned San Yuan Xuan Kong XieziFa from his Taiwan Teacher, Master Huang Chunfa. Master Francis officially granted the lineage of “The Real Secret of Fengshui” of the San Yuan Xuan Kong XieziFa practitioner.

Master Francis also involve in Charity career. He has invited to participate a Charity event – City Carnival at Singapore Management University and Charity Road show organized by Jurong GRC – Yuhua Inter-Generation Day 05, providing Fengshui Floor Plan Assessment Service for the event. Master Francis has highlighted on the existing strengths and weaknesses in their houses and offices and how Fengshui could be used to create a smooth and prosperous path ahead. The response was excellent.

Master Francis’s fengshui projects include corporate, real estate, commercial property, residential property, site evaluation and floor plan suggestions. He sincerely hopes his knowledge and services can benefit the homes and lives of his clients.

Know more about Master Francis Tan

Interview by Master-360 Portal:

How did you come to learn about Feng Shui?
Is fate, when I start to know about Feng Shui in year 1991. Since from there, I start to learn these skills from various master and books.

Please share your path of learning Feng Shui with us?
Is started from basic Eight House Theory, then into Flying Star and various water theory (San He School). During 2009, I finally meet another great Master from Taiwan, and he personally teaches me The Real Secret of Feng Shui, Xiezifa.

What made you turn Feng Shui into your profession?
The passion and interest.

Are you family and friends supportive of your decision to take on Feng Shui as a profession?
Yes, they given me their support and encouragement.

What are your most applied schools of Feng Shui?
San Yuan Xuan Kong Xiezifa

To some people I have talked about Feng Shui, the deeper they go into Feng Shui studies, the more confused they are. During your learning journey, did you ever encounter that and how did you overcome it?
If your fundamental and basic is correct and strong, you will not confused. The most important, you also have a right Teacher to guide and coaching.

How receptive to Feng Shui are the people in your country or area?
They are very receptive on Fengshui in SIngapore.

Is Feng Shui widely accepted and applied in the business environment in your country or area?

Do you face any difficulties explaining Feng Shui to people or clients in your country or area?
No, as I use a scientific approach when explaining to my clients.

Do you think the resources available to the non-Chinese oriented practitioners are more limited as compared with the Chinese oriented practitioners?

From your point of view, do you think if the knowledge of destiny analysis is important when it comes to Feng Shui?
Yes, destiny analysis do take a portion, but when a right fengshui is in place, even your destiny is not perfect, fengshui also can help you to pull thru the hard time.

Did most of your clients engage in Feng Shui consulting service before they found you?
By words of mouth and referee from my clients and friends.

Did most of your clients encounter some difficulties (wealth, relationships, career, etc) in their lives before they engage Feng Shui services? If so, what is the most common problem?
Commonly is career and wealth, follow by relationship and children.

What type of Feng Shui services have your clients asked for?
For example, moving to new premises, date selection, home audit, and office audit. All types of Fengshui Services.

Do you practice any kind of Yin Feng Shui? Did any of your clients engage you for Yin Feng Shui audit?
Yes, I do.

Do you mind sharing your Feng Shui audit service work-flow? And what about after sales services?
I will work closely with the clients while doing the audit. No additional charges even I have to go onsite a few round (normally is 2 visits on-site) if they having problems during in the process of renovation.

Do you practice telling some of the past events happened in the premises when you are performing the audit?
Yes i did, but also depend if some of the issue may a bit sensitive.

Please share with us a case study you have done which you are most satisfied with.
There was a case of my clients face lot of difficulties on his business and children academic result. After audit his house, he immediately get a million dollars contract for his business and he also see some improvement of his children academic result.
For his business, he had to expend his business in order to handle this project. So he had to get loans get a factory and to purchasing new machinery. Just within a year of operation, he had clear what ever his loan and even get a landed property in Malaysia.

What are your future plans with Feng Shui?
I will be continue using my knowledge to provide consultation whoever needs my services to improve their living.

Ministry of Geomancy

The ministry is to focus on Metaphysical Studies, trained professional Metaphysics Master, and provide guidance for our fellow trainees.

We also providing Fengshui Seminars and Talks for Corporate, clubs and association. We do have wide range of topics specially designed for your event, such as Mid Autumn Festival Fengshui Talk, Fengshui for Business, Introduction on Real Secret of Fengshui, Fengshui for Property Investment etc.



I am grateful to meet Master Tan and learned Qimen Dunjia from him. I am appreciate his patient with me because I have very little knowledge of metaphysic and he always encourage me to ask more question. His engaging style & interaction really set a tone for clear learning. I greatly enjoy every session learning. Will be back for the advance course for sure. With gratitude & Love!
– Mrs. Wong 2019.9.18

Master Tan is nice and patient. Nice to talk to. Would encourage people who do self study to learn from Master Tan. Will be to see different.
– Mr. Lee 2019.6.6

Master Francis has demonstrated, he is well-versed and knowledgable in study of metaphysics. For the courses i attended, Master Francis has shown in-depth mastery of the subjects. He is clear in his delivery and focus on teaching. It is a pleasure to learn from him.
– Mr. Wong 2018.4.19

A very detail & responsible teacher. He will make sure you fully understand before proceeding to the next topic. Even after completing the course, he will still fully support you.
– Mr. Khoo 2018.4.16

A good teacher. He explain everything in great detail.
– Mr. Han 2018.4.2

After fengshui makeover by Master Francis, immediate impact was the blind I put out, it really lowering the “heat” at my home, and I won’t feel agitated so easily.
I also received a call from my lawyer when the day “door lines” were shifted, saying the compensation is ready after 3 years of long wait, the coincidence was amazing.
– Mr. Kong

“I must say that Master Francis has been always approachable and very patient to teach. Teaching method was indeed patient and systematic. I will be glad to learn more from him if there are any courses in the future which interested me.”
– Mr. Ho CS

“The course was presented in a clear manner with material written with good & clear informations.
Master Francis was patient and understanding throughout the lesson making sure that you will understand.
Furthermore his teaching did not just end there, his door is always open for students who still have doubts after the course.
I will not hesitate to recommend anyone who is interest in fengshui course to learn from Master Francis.”
– Mr. Tan KH