I am grateful to meet Master Tan and learned Qimen Dunjia from him. I am appreciate his patient with me because I have very little knowledge of metaphysic and he always encourage me to ask more question. His engaging style & interaction really set a tone for clear learning. I greatly enjoy every session learning. Will be back for the advance course for sure. With gratitude & Love!
– Mrs. Wong 2019.9.18

Master Tan is nice and patient. Nice to talk to. Would encourage people who do self study to learn from Master Tan. Will be to see different.
– Mr. Lee 2019.6.6

Master Francis has demonstrated, he is well-versed and knowledgable in study of metaphysics. For the courses i attended, Master Francis has shown in-depth mastery of the subjects. He is clear in his delivery and focus on teaching. It is a pleasure to learn from him.
– Mr. Wong 2018.4.19

A very detail & responsible teacher. He will make sure you fully understand before proceeding to the next topic. Even after completing the course, he will still fully support you.
– Mr. Khoo 2018.4.16

A good teacher. He explain everything in great detail.
– Mr. Han 2018.4.2

After fengshui makeover by Master Francis, immediate impact was the blind I put out, it really lowering the “heat” at my home, and I won’t feel agitated so easily.
I also received a call from my lawyer when the day “door lines” were shifted, saying the compensation is ready after 3 years of long wait, the coincidence was amazing.
– Mr. Kong

“I must say that Master Francis has been always approachable and very patient to teach. Teaching method was indeed patient and systematic. I will be glad to learn more from him if there are any courses in the future which interested me.”
– Mr. Ho CS

“The course was presented in a clear manner with material written with good & clear informations.
Master Francis was patient and understanding throughout the lesson making sure that you will understand.
Furthermore his teaching did not just end there, his door is always open for students who still have doubts after the course.
I will not hesitate to recommend anyone who is interest in fengshui course to learn from Master Francis.”
– Mr. Tan KH